Myths Busted!


Rental housing providers are big companies with lots of money. To them, rent is profit.

That's a Myth. Mom-and-pop small business owners make up most of the rental housing industry.

According to the 

2019 American Community Survey
 22.1 million renter-occupied housing units are in properties that have 1 to 4 units and 20.0 million are in properties that have 5+ units.

Did you know? 

These owners and operators generally operate on thin margins, and on average 
90 cents of each rental dollar
 goes directly to operating and maintaining the property.


Rental housing providers want to evict residents so they can increase the rent and make more money.

That's a Myth. It is 
expensive to evict
! The rental housing industry has taken measures and shown unprecedented flexibility to keep renters in their homes.

Did you know?

 Owners and property managers help keep residents in their homes by creating payment plans, guiding residents to available resources, and redefining lease terms.


People rent because they can’t afford to buy a home.

That's a Myth. Once considered a stepping-stone to homeownership, renting is now recognized as a lifestyle choice. Renting offers flexibility without the responsibilities of homeownership.

Data Point: 

Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard
  study shows that higher-income households ($75,000 or more) accounted for >75% of the growth in renter households between 2010 and 2018.


New construction apartments devalue the surrounding neighborhoods.

That's a Myth. The 
U.S Census Bureau
 found that working communities with multifamily dwellings have higher property values than working communities without them.

Did you know? 

Property value is determined by more than the building and its condition. Property value also includes the entire community. New apartment buildings often feature higher-end interior upgrades and amenity spaces than surrounding homes. 


Renting rather than buying a home drags down the economy.

That's a Myth. According to a 
Hoyt Advisory Study
, “Apartments and their residents contribute $3.4 trillion to the U.S. economy annually, supporting 17.5 million jobs.”

Did you know? 

That’s more than the 
GDP for all of France
 and the 
 of New Jersey and Virginia combined!


Property owners and operators are lazy for not opening all common spaces.

That's a Myth. Safety is the biggest concern. Property owners and operators are trying to keep up with the latest 
COVID-19 guidelines and protocols from the CDC
 as well as supply chain issues.

Remember when... 

Do you remember the empty shelves in the rush to buy hand sanitizer and toilet paper? Even after all these months, there are still some supplies that remain on back order because all properties need the same things.
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